So, I’m ready to share a project! For Christmas this past year, I made my father and father-in-law a mini photo album using empty Altoid containers. I also made one for my husband and using the same technique, I “published” the story I wrote for my daughter about her and her cat going to the zoo. The one shown in the pictures is my Dad’s album. These albums were inspired by several similar items shown on

As I promised in my first post, I plan to share news of upcoming events. On April 24, I will be holding a workshop in my home to make one of these cute little albums. The workshop fee is $10 and that includes all the materials necessary to make an album. The paper and materials will vary from that shown in the photo and you will have some options to choose from at the workshop. For more information, visit the Events section of my website,

Can’t attend the workshop, but still want an email? For $10 + S&H, I can send you a kit that will include the instructions, paper, Altoid tin and miscellaneous embellishments necessary to complete the project. You can then add your own stamped images and photos to personalize your pages. I can accept paypal or checks/money orders. Just send me an email for more details!