As promised, a tutorial for the Scallop Edge Border without the corner edge punch.  The photos for this are not the best, but hopefully they will get the point.  Maybe I’ll eventually be cool enough to upload a video.

  1. Start with a 3 3/4 inch square.  You can do other sizes as well, the trick is that your sides have to measure in increments equal to the space of one single punch (1 7/8 inch).
  2. You will see that your punch has two tick marks on the front edge (circled in red in my photo).
  3. Line one edge of your paper against the back of the punch and with the tick mark toward your left (assuming the handle for the punch is pointing away from you).
  4. Punch one side completely.
  5. Rotate your paper clockwise and line up with the scallops perpendicular to the handle and too your left (again, the punch hand is pointing away from you).
  6. Punch the entire side.  At the corner where the two punched sides meet, you will see that the scallops closest to the edge on each side are about the same distance from the corner and you get a bit of a dangling imperfect scallop right at the corner.  You can see this in the photo.
  7. Repeat this until you have all four sides punched.  Each of  your corners should look about the same.  There will be a dangling imperfect scallop at each corner.
  8. Trim the imperfect scallop as shown for each corner.  Two snips per corner.
  9. The end result is a scallop edge border all the way around.  Not quite as elegant as projects using the corner punch, but if you don’t have a corner punch, it certainly works, as you saw in yesterdays post.
And the project from yesterday with the finished product, our Up inspired card:
God Bless and Happy Stampin’!