I know some of you out there have been wondering, where is an Olympic Bear?  Well, wonder no more!  I have indeed created a bear inspired by the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.   This bear is dressed for a debut in the Opening Ceremonies, ready to compete for Team USA.  I tried my best to recreate/mimic the Team USA gear for the Opening Ceremonies.  This bear is taking her place on a card stock frame that I received free from a friend and are samples from a popular printer manufacturer. 

As I have done with other bears, I used the Bear Essentials to cut the clothing, cutting extra pieces in the complimentary colors to add the collar, pockets and embelleshments to the clothing.  In terms of color choices, select the colors that best represent the uniform/costume you are trying best to mimic.  For example, you could just as easily create a figure skating costume or skiing uniform.  You could even add some equipment like skis.

You need to use either your favorite circle cutter or punches to create the Olympic Rings.  I looked up on google the colors of the rings: blue, yellow, black, green, and red.  I was using scrap pieces of card stock for my rings and again, it is just important to select your colors to best mimic the shades of the rings.  This will be subject to your opinion and tastes

Since my frame had a company logo in one corner that I needed to hide, I stamped the snowflake from Best Wishes and More and then punched them with my 1 3/8 punch.  I glued these around the frame adding an oval and scallop oval at the bottom where I hand wrote the 2010 Winter Games, Vancouver. 

If you like this project and think you would like to do a similar project with your child for either Mother’s or Father’s Day, please email me and let me know.  I’m thinking of adding this to my class schedule for Mother’s and/or Father’s Day.

God Bless and Happy Stampin’!