Snowflakes Big and Small!  How many of you loved the felt snowflakes that Stampin’ Up! sold last year in the Holiday Mini?  I know I did.  In fact, I still have several that I use for decorations at Christmas.  I think I also may have mentioned my love for snowflake Christmas ornaments in one of my previous posts, so I naturally was very excited to see the Northern Frost Die in this year’s Holiday Mini.  I loved that it offered different shapes and designs all in that strip.  I had images of garlands and ornaments right away!

I used some thin aluminum sheets that I bought at the local craft store in a blue, pink and silver.  I cut several in each size and color.  Since the die offers three sizes, I connected a large, medium and small snowflake together using fishing line.  Each chain of snowflakes had 1 snowflake in each color.  I tied a small bead to the bottom of the last snowflake and also used fishing line for the hanger.  I cut some strips of Candy Cane Lane Designer Fabric and tied that to my fishing line.  The result?  A simple but beautiful ornament. 

Word of caution… hang them high on your tree as they will attract your cat if you have one.  Our cats seem to be particularly found of the Christmas tree and whacking any ornaments within reach. and they found these to be very entertaining.  And speaking of cats and Christmas trees, I keep hearing a noise from our living room.  All the kids are asleep and Tim had to run to our church to pick up my phone, crazy cats!

God Bless and Happy Stampin’!