As promised, more of the Riverton Campus Tour.  For those Stampin’ Fans out there that might be traveling to the Riverton, Utah area, I did check and Stampin’ Up! does give tours throughout the year.  I think you just have to call ahead.

After the Legacy Room, we walked around the building, including the idea room.  All the areas are inviting and inspire creativity.  It is wonderful and just makes you want to bring out your stamping supplies and get to work creating something beautiful.  The idea room had everything from your traditional conference room table and chairs to a foosball table.  Here are some of the oversized bean bags in one area.  I’d love to have these for the kids!  Of course, I think our dog would make more use of them than the kids would.

The idea room has plenty of space to create and work on ideas.  Here is one of the tables near the supply area.  Plenty of light and these are super comfortable chairs- yes, I took a seat.

They also had a room where all the walls were floor to ceiling white boards.  All the demonstrators left messages of thanks and ideas.  My idea was that we needed post cards to be sold in the memento mall so that we send all of our fellow demonstrators and customers a note from Convention saying, “Wish you were here!”  I think if you are on the fence about becoming a demonstrator, a look at all the wonderful things we do at Convention might push you right off and have you signing up!  That is what finally pushed me over the edge.

The Statement of the Heart was also beautifully displayed in the Idea Room.  I honestly think this is a great way to live life- love what you do, share it with others, and make a difference by what we do.  If we all approached our careers in this way, I think we’d be happier people.

 After exploring the Idea Room, we stepped out onto a balcony that overlooked the picking room floor.  This is where I wish I could capture smells on this blog.  Close your eyes and recall your last Stampin’ Up! shipment.  You open the box and you are greeted with the aroma of a freshly packed cardboard box.  When we stepped out onto the balcony, we were greeted with that Stampin’ Up! shipment smell!  I know, I sound a little crazy, but just like a man who enjoys “new car smell,” I enjoy new box of stamp supply smell.  🙂  Now, if they could just capture it in an air freshener like they did with new car smell.

From our perch, we could see the faithful Stampin’ Up! crew assembly new boxes and putting them on the conveyor belt to send them off to be filled.  We could see some boxes of new catalogs on palettes on the floor.  The area was so clean and well ordered. 

 The banners displayed the “stats” for the year, but as anyone familiar with Stampin’ Up! knows, focusing on the numbers rarely tell the full story.  Stampin’ Up! is about the relationships, the numbers just show that those relationships are healthy.  I really see that with Stampin’ Up!, relationships are important.

 Look at all that Stampin’ Up! product waiting to go out to the homes of happy stampers!  Later I’ll be sharing with you the list of all the wonderful product that got to come home with me.  🙂

After I was done staring at all the Stampin’ Up! products that I wanted to come to my home, we took a tour of the Demonstrator Support workspace.  Most of Demonstrator Support was at the Salt Palace, but they left out lots of samples of projects to inspire us.  They also left out some candy so I grabbed some suckers for the kids.  I know, they are the same suckers that you get at the bank, but the kids were excited to have suckers from Stampin’ Up!.  As a reminder, all the images and designs shown are copyright Stampin’ Up! and should not be reproduced without giving credit to the folks at Stampin’ Up!.  None of the work shown is original artwork by myself.   

Even though the paper is retired, I just loved this little garden cart.  I think it would make a fun little centerpiece or decoration for a party.  I’ll be trying to recreate this some time.  If I manage to create some instructions, I’ll be sure to post the details.

 I thought this bunny basket was just adorable. 

This little tag Christmas banner would make a fun Advent Calendar.  It could be scaled up to hold larger items or even be recreated as a little scrapbook to celebrate the holidays.  I also liked the snowflake ornament hanging below it.

 I just love these little chicks.  Here is a little dresser made using the matchbox die, complete with a little sunflower made using the treat cups.

 I loved the innovative use of the milk carton die- the addition of the handle is a fun touch to make it look like a pitcher or watering can.  Can’t wait to try this one!

 A fun sailboat card using card stock and some distressing techniques.  I thought my friend, Diana, might like this idea since her husband likes to sail.

 Who wouldn’t love some cupcakes in the mail!

 Fun way to give some gift tags as a gift.  I know my mom loves the finishing touches on Christmas packages so I think I might make her some cute tags and bows for Christmas and then give them to her on her birthday.  Christmas in October!

 I thought this was a fun use of the small calendar pages and would make a great teacher gift.  I might even have to make one for my office.

 This photo turned out just a little blurry but I loved the monkey punch art.  I’ll have to make a card for Liam sometime using this idea.

And a tour of the Stampin’ Up! campus would not be complete without a photo beside the famous Stampin’ Up! Rock. 

This would be my photo post card to all of you watching from the sidelines:  “Wish You Were Here!”

More convention highlights to come.  You still need to see our Make and Takes, Village of Cuteness, and the Product Park.  And, I’m sure you want to hear about all the fabulous FREE items we got with registration and from Prize Patrol.  I loved Prize Patrol this year- they were very good to me!

God Bless and Happy Stampin’!