Do you ever find it hard to set aside an hour or two for crafting – digging out your supplies, coming up with an idea, changing the idea a few times because you don’t have the card stock you wanted?  Yep, we’ve all been there.  We want to kick back, take off our shoes, and find our creative zen, only to fall flat.

Paper Pumpkin is here to help!  With a subscription, you will receive a cute box full of creative genius just for you!  It includes pretty much all you need to finish the project and most projects can be finished in less than an hour.  The project is a surprise until it is in your mailbox- it could be a card, a photo album, treat box, or even a calendar!  And, right now, you can get a 3 month subscription for only $55! An amazing deal!  You can even get a subscription for a friend and you can craft together!


I frequently grab the latest Paper Pumpkin on my out the door to one of the kids’ doctor’s appointments and work on one right there in the waiting room or in the hospital cafeteria between appointments and lab work.  What better what to take my mind off all the doctor’s appointments and medical treatments?

And, the projects are versatile!  You don’t have to follow the directions exactly.  Check out Pinterest for ideas on alternate projects or come back here for ideas, I often switch things up a bit.

The December Paper Pumpkin was an annual calendar, check out the photos.  Then, head to Paper Pumpkin to join the fun!


God Bless and Happy Stampin’,